Props Intern

Beginning on June 6th, 2018 I worked as a props intern for the production of Pippin. I worked with five other interns and built props such as barbells, weapons such as swords and axes, and a few set pieces including a bench. Because of my previous experience with power tools I taught other interns how to safely use the jigsaw, band-saw, power sander, and circle saw. Another intern, Martina, and I researched and helped design the weapons and were in charge of building. When other interns joined the building process we directed them in building the swords and axes in the style we wanted for the time period and divided up tasked to finish the props as quickly as possible, without over working anyone and making sure everyone had something to do.

Rivers belong where they can ramble 
Eagles belong where they can fly 
I’ve got to be where my spirit can run free 
Gotta find my corner of the sky. 

Costume Intern

After working in the props department, I moved to costumes during the show. I helped finish costumes by adding trim, painting and finishing armor, and adding small decorations like leaves and hearts to costumes. I also organized costumes for actors so everyone knew where everything was for their costume changes. We used a number system where each actor was given a number and they had a basket (for hats and head gear) and a section for hanging clothing. We had to know which costume belonged to which actor so after costume changes we could put things away easily.

During the shows, Martina and I stayed in the dressing rooms to help actors with longer costume changes and clean up what we could. During the second show Catherine’s (Madeline Zucker) dress ripped and she only had 5 minutes before her next appearance. Martina and I had to make the quick decision on how to fix it and help the many other actors that also needed hep putting armor on at the same time. Because I was better at hand sewing, Martina and I agreed that I would fix Madeline’s dress and she would help put armor on. Because we were quick to thing and act, the dress got fixed in time and all of the actors were ready to go with their costumes.