Hair and Makeup Intern

In August 2018, I interned again at NC Conservatory Theatre. This time, I worked in the hair and makeup department for the play The Man Who Came to Dinner. During my two weeks there, I learned numerous different hair and makeup techniques. Because the play was set in a specific time period (1930s), I was able to learn more about those hair styles and how to recreate them. I also learned how to properly put on wigs and how to manage the actors real hair underneath so it wouldn’t be seen. Makeup was another thing I learned while working. I hadn’t had much experience before, but I was quickly able to pick up makeup tricks like creating fake stumble with a sponge and brown face paint, and how to make actors look older. Because there were only three people working, (myself, another intern, and the hair and makeup teacher) and roughly 20 actors who all needed help, we had to devise a plan to make sure everyone was helped. We split up actors based on our skills and how difficult the actors hair and makeup were.

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