Costume Leadership

I was in charge of costumes during the production. The first thing I did after beginning this production was researching 1980s clothing and putting together an outfit idea for each character. Once the costume ideas were approved we began collecting all of the pieces from various places, such as goodwill, borrowing from other schools, and seeing what we had already in our collection.

Next I began working on the character Yippy. To create this dog costume, I used black and white socks to create the arm and leg bands and then attached ‘patches’ in felt to the socks. I also created dog ears with felt and attached pipe cleaners to the inside so the ears could be bent in a similar way to a dogs while keeping the stiff shape.

Finally, during the production I took care of all of the costumes and made sure that they were all accounted for and put away at the end of each night. There were two quick changes during the show and I made them as easy for the actor as possible by always having the clothing off hangers and ready to be put on as soon as the actress was ready.