The goal of this project was to research how events, people, and inventions changed the fashion industry. My partner Grace and I were tasked with researching the 21st century and creating a product to creatively display our information. We decided to create a laptop and have the information on the ‘screen’ in a google search. I researched the Internet and the embroidery machine, while Grace researched fast fashion. Then we created the laptop with cardboard and decorated it with paper and details such as the keyboard, mouse pad, and power button. Finally, we created the screen with a screenshot of a google search and a sheet protector to make it appear shiny.


Over the course of this project, I learned all about how the embroidery machine changed the fashion industry, as well as the internet and fast fashion. I was in charge of researching the internet and the embroidery machine, and my partner Grace researched fast fashion. We were able to find our information easily, though surprisingly the hardest to find fashion-specific information for was the internet.

When putting our project together, we were able to communicate our ideas easily and ended up with a product we both liked. We split up the work by having Grace make the base for the laptop (cutting it out, adding the paper to the back, etc) while I worked on organizing the info, creating the details, and making the stand for the back. I thought the work was evenly divided because neither of us was waiting on the other or stuck with nothing to do.

Overall I enjoyed this project because I had a very good partner, the information was interesting and accessible, and I’m proud of the product we created.