To begin the preparations for the fashion show on May 21st (with the theme Date to Disrupt) we started by creating a mood board with anything that inspired us for the fashion show theme. I searched around Pintrest to find my inspiration, which led me to be inspired by body image and body positivity in a world where fashion is still very one sided (although the strides to increase diversity in the fashion industry is wonderful!). Above is the moodboard I created before beginning my design.


Next was the designing stage. We had to create three looks inspired by our mood board. I already had an idea for what I wanted to so I was excited to begin.

Dress I

The first dress I designed was a black mermaid dress. The idea I had was to create an ‘outer look’ that could be removed to reveal another dress underneath. This dress would be the first dress and would be the representation of negativity. The mermaid skirt and belt will be covered in negative words to show how we treat ourselves. Words such as ‘fat’, ‘ugly. ‘short’, ‘too skinny’, ‘unlovable’, etc. show how society trains us to believe we are not good or pretty enough no matter what we look like. I want the dress to be made of a visually heavy material and the idea was that it weights the wearer down, just as negativity weighs us down.

Dress II

The second dress I created was an idea for the dress underneath the black one. It will be covered in positive words and be made of a much lighter material, to be like letting go of the weight of beauty standards and positivity being light. The dress is loose and nonrestrictive, unlike the first, to be symbolic of freedom. I also wanted it to be a bright color to contrast with the dark of the first, and sparkle. I chose pink because it’s a very feminine color and lots of young girls hate it because it represents everything they believe they shouldn’t be. I wanted to ‘reclaim’ the color and show that women can be, wear, and enjoy whatever they want.

Dress III

The last dress I designed was a second idea for the underneath dress. Inspired by stars and the universe, I went in more of that direction with the gold embroidery that would have the positive words in the middle of the fireworks. I also changed the design of the dress a little to still be loose and free but in a different direction as the other dress. I also chose to use a light blue to still get the light colored effect but wanted to try a style that was a little farther away from the feminine pink. I also wanted to try a little more casual feel, more inspired by a beach style dress, instead of a formal dress.

Design Analysis

The final step was to do a design analysis. We had to pick a design (I did two because my design is two stepped) and see how we incorporated the elements and principles of design in our creations.