Costume Design

What I want to do for the rest of my life

My #1 passion is sewing and costume design. I enjoy sewing so much is because of the creative freedom that comes with it. When I’m making a dress or costume I love being able to interpret it in my way and not worry if its ‘right’. There is not really a right or wrong way to design a costume, which gives the creator endless possibilities. Whether I’m working on a personal project or a production, once I’m given a few guidelines on what needs to be made I love experimenting and discovering what will look best without worrying if it’s wrong.

 In 2017, inspired by Belle from Beauty and The Beast, I set out to create a dress for Animazement. Rather than use a familiar design, I wanted to add my own spin to reflect my creative style. This gave me complete freedom over design, which made the production it even more enjoyable because I didn’t have to worry about making it exactly like the original. 

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When I was young, my grandma taught me to sew. When I look at my time with her, I realize how essential it was to forming my passion

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My Sewing Portfolio