Sewing Portfolio

I began sewing in my freshman year of high school. My first project (besides the odd pillow or two I’d made in school) was a ballgown. It wasn’t pretty, and had practically fallen apart by the end of the day, but it set off my passion for sewing. As soon as I realized what I could do with a sewing machine and an idea, I started creating and never stopped.

 In 2017, inspired by Belle from Beauty and The Beast, I set out to create a dress for Animazement. Rather than use a familiar design, I wanted to add my own spin to reflect my creative style. This gave me complete freedom over design, which made the production it even more enjoyable because I didn’t have to worry about making it exactly like the original. 

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When I was young, my grandma taught me to sew. When I look at all those afternoons, I realize how essential she was io forming my passion

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My Sewing Portfolio