Paris Oliver

Paris graduated with a B.A in Theatre Design and Technology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She enjoys all aspects of theatre but her main passion is costume and craft production. Sewing is her favorite thing in the world, and she could spend all of her time with a needle and thread. Her dream is to spend the rest of her life doing what she loves and entertaining others.

Paris has been involved with theatre for 8 years, working on school productions and volunteering at local theatres. She has worked at the NC Conservatory Theatre, Raleigh Little Theatre, the Apex Friendship Auditorium, and the UNCW Theatre. She focused on costume crafts and production while at UNCW, and enjoys the craft side of costume production the most!


Costume Production

Cinderella’s Transforming Dress

Caliban – The Tempest

Duck Tape Dress

Lucy’s Day Dress – Dracula

Paya’s Ballgown

Zelda’s Ballgown

Self Patterned Half Scale Dress

Crow Vest and Shirt

Costume Crafts

Mermaid Themed Pirate Hat

Found Object Ancient Armor

Fear Mask

Crow Mask

Shibori and Batiking

Queen Tatiana Puppet

Van Gogh Fuppet

Found Object Puppet

Chorus Bodices – Electra

Stage Makeup

Goose Attack 2D Makeup

Impale Injury 2D Makeup

Prosthetic Injury 3D Makeup

Caterpillar – Alice in Wonderland

Fairy – Midsummer’s Night Dream

Masculine Makeup

Masculine Makeup

Pig Prosthetic Makeup

Grasshopper Makeup

Papagano Prosthetic Makeup