Paris Oliver

I’m a Senior at Apex Friendship High School! I was born in Liverpool, England and I’ve lived in the US since 2004. Before moving to Apex NC I lived  in Chicago IL, where my little brother was born. My family and I love to travel, so I’ve been to 7 different countries. My favorite places are Paris (a little funny, I know) and New York City. I hope to live in NYC one day!

I intend to go to college and major in costume design, but I enjoy all aspects of technical theater, from building to running crew. Sewing is my favorite thing in the world and I could spend all of my time with a needle and thread. My dream is to spend the rest of my life doing what I love, which motivates me to do my best in school and inspires me to work hard.

Outside of theater I like to read (my favorite authors is Leigh Bardugo and Nora Sakavic) and I also enjoy writing. I’m also a Disney fan! My two bucket list goals are to visit every Disney park in the world, and try every single craft at least once!


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Retail Store Design

Project Outline & Details During my Fashion and Merchandising class we had the semester long task of designing a retail store. We had to create both the