In my Intermediate Tech Theatre class, we designed the lighting for the AFHS Dance Concert. We paired off and did 4 dances each. My partner, Amanda, and I worked well together and each took two dances to design so neither of us would take over or do too much work.


Designing for L.E.M.O.N was a lot of fun. My partner Amanda and I had fun using bright colors to keep an upbeat mood. We also used movement to focus on certain spots when the song called for it, like at the very beginning and in the middle where the music pauses and someone speaks. We wanted to match the drama, tempo, and mood of the song without taking away from the dancer’s performance.


We wanted the colors to be less intense and softer for this dance. We also didn’t have any fast light color changes because the song is on the slower side and slow light changes matched better. Over all we wanted to keep the lights soft to match the song and the dancer.


I enjoyed working on Halo because it was a simple song with lots of potential. We used a yellow color for the lights because we wanted the mood to be light and hopeful.

Its Raining Men

The last of our dances was It’s Raining Men. This dance was a lot of fun to design for, and while there were some things to be imporved, it worked well. One of my favorite parts is the flash of ‘lightning’ at the beginning and end of the dance because we manually activated those by flicking switches, so each time it was random and unique.